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Open call for a managing director position - European Cultural Foundation

European Cultural Foundation:
The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) is a grant-making and impact-driven foundation. Established in 1954 in Geneva, and now based in Amsterdam, the organisation has roughly 30 staff members of a range of nationalities. The objective of ECF, an organisation in the public interest, is to support and promote cultural activities of a European nature.

ECF believes culture is the space to imagine and negotiate ways of living together - bridging the divides in our communities, and enabling Europe to become a shared home where people live together in freedom, solidarity and diversity. Equality and democracy are key drivers of ECF’s strategic plan 2017-2020, and a key value for the organisation.

The organisation supports and highlights positive voices in these turbulent times of global economic, social and environmental pressures. ECF gives a voice to those who have been excluded from the public sphere by supporting cultural change makers and fostering inspiring collaborations.

Due to the retirement of the current Managing Director we are now looking for a visionary leader who can guide the organisation in reaching these ambitions.

Role definition of the new Managing Director:
The new Managing Director is a strong, energetic and creative leader, with a European, philanthropic mindset. An inspirational, daring manager with excellent communications skills, who is not afraid to
make choices, sets out a clear direction for the organisation, and is hands on in ‘making it happen’. As an innovative thinker, you’ll find ways to achieve the values ECF advocates throughout its work. The Managing Director reports to the Supervisory Board of ECF.

Key responsibilities:
1. Strategy and leadership
Develops the strategy, including preparing regular, four-year strategic plans for approval by the Supervisory Board. Sets out the key directions and guides the organisation to achieve pre-defined
objectives in an accountable, decentralized manner. Oversees the execution of the organisation’s policies and strategy, in the short, mid and long term.

2. Programme development, management and advocacy
Takes an active role in the development, management, monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects and grants schemes based on the broader advocacy agenda of the organisation and its overall
strategic objectives.

3. Financial, operational and internal process management
- Leads the preparation of annual budgets and work plans for approval by the Supervisory Board.
- Ensures the proper management of the organisation, including its financial administration, annual audits and administrative processes, as well as facilities, IT and the co-ownership of the building.
- Ensures the oversight and execution of the Investment Policy as defined by the Supervisory Board.

4. Organisational development and human resource management
Fosters and cultivates an open, inclusive and dynamic culture within the organisation which balances staff and organisational interests. Ensures the organisational structure is appropriate to sustain its
effectiveness, and oversees development of HR tools and systems to support this.

5. Business development and fundraising
Leads the development of sustainable business models aimed at diversifying and increasing income, for example by entering long term partnerships with foundations, private donors, corporates, EU and
national governments. Brings in new sources of income.

6. Networking, representation and communication
Ensures clear and effective internal and external communication. Brings and builds a strong and relevant network and assumes proactive positioning on relevant topics for Europe and the
organisation’s positioning in the Netherlands. Brings in discourses and networks related to diversity and equality as key drivers of change. Represents the organisation at the national and international
level, in different fora (governmental, non-governmental, in the cultural sector and at the corporate level) and in various media.

7. Strategic partnerships, in particular Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (PBCF)
Manages and develops relationships with strategic partners.

8. Governance
The director is accountable to the Supervisory Board through its Chair. Provides counsel and support to Supervisory Board and its Executive Committee and President as needed.

Key competencies:
• Strong leadership capabilities, comprising a clear and inspiring vision, strategic focus and a strong credibility and track record in this respect
• Decision maker and ‘do-er’ with the ability to follow through and to work hands-on in the organisation
• Excellent people manager with strong interpersonal skills, diplomatic yet persuasive and able to bridge a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders
• Strong and effective communicator able to clearly position the organization
• Strong analytical skills and the ability to critically reflect on and respond to social-political developments in an international perspective.
• Excellent networking skills and the ability to represent the organisation in various audiences
• Sound organisational and financial management skills with a clear view on effective organisational models;
• Has a dynamic, entrepreneurial, digital, innovative mind-set;
• Broad knowledge and understanding of European civil society; knowledge of the Dutch context is desirable

The ECF is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds. Please
note that our building is not currently wheelchair-accessible.

For further information about the organisation go to

To apply
Please send your motivational letter and CV, before November 25, to Karin Doeksen or Annemijn de Lavieter of DUX International via

13/11/2017 - 19:15