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Baseline study for the European project : promoting governance and citizenship in Palestine

Within the framework of the European Project “Promoting governance and citizenship in Palestine“. AFRAT, in partnership with Bethleem university,  the Palestinianc Center for Rapprochement between people and Tetraktys are sharing the terms of reference for the implementation of a baseline that would enable the identification of the starting point of the project's indicators. 

The 4 partners have previously collaborated in the “Rural Development Program along the Abraham Path” that establishes a trekking route across the West Bank. This program is currently financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), the World Bank, and French local authorities. The Path crosses the West Bank from north to south, passing through towns, villages, encampments and refugee camps, thereby reflecting Palestinian identity in all its diversity and complexity. The first phase of this Program along the Abraham Path, Masar Ibrahim in Arabic, supported by the AFD and French local authorities took place between 2013 and 2016. Its success led to a second phase that has been validated and is being
implemented until 2019.
Based on the solid foundations of this existing Program, the 4 Partners have submitted to the European Union (EU) a new complementary project, entitled “Promoting Governance and Citizenship in Palestine”. This new project aims to strengthen Palestinian identity and citizenship through re-appropriation (research, preservation and promotion) of historical and cultural heritage along the Masar Ibrahim.

Contact :
AFRAT – Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités du Tourisme
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Anna Castelnuovo
International Project Manager
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Please refer to the attached document for more information. 

14/01/2018 - 14:32