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Open call : Tamteen - consolidation grants

Open call Tamteen - deadline: 30/09/2018
In the context of international mobility and exchange of artists and cultural operators, the  Roberto Cimetta Fund  is running the Tamteen funding line to support the sustainability of cultural and artistic initiatives lead by Arab or Middle Eastern artists and cultural operators developing local projects (venues, networks, platforms). The fund aims to create a leverage effect that could modestly contribute to rebalancing forces between Arab/Middle Eastern and European components in the exchange, as well as strengthening and sustaining cultural exchange between Arab/Middle Eastern regions.
The grants provided will not exceed 3000€ and can be considered as co-funding depending on the projects selected. This call is open for artists and cultural operators based in the Arab/Middle East geographical region. The experts and Board members of the Roberto Cimetta Fund will monitor the selected projects during their implementation.
1. Schedule

This fifth call for applications is open from 1 August to 30 September 2018. The evaluation and selection processes will take place during the months of October and November 2018. The results will be announced on 1st December 2018. The funds provided must be used within two years.
The Roberto Cimetta Fund and its partners hope that this fund can serve to strengthen projects that emerge following the benefits of a travel grant and at the same time support the financial autonomy of local independent cultural initiatives.
Applications can be made in Arabic, English and French. 
2. Eligibility criteria of this Fund
The eligibility criteria and allocation conditions for the provision of funds are as follows :

  • Applications can be made by independent organisations (only small or medium organisations whose annual budget does not exceed 20 000€) or individuals (artists or cultural operators). Support will not be provided to public or semi-public organisations.
  • The applicant (organisation or individual) must be based in the Arab-Middle East geographical region. Age and nationality are not eligibility criteria of this fund.
  • All contemporary artistic disciplines are eligible: performing arts, all forms of visual arts, literature, music, including cultural policy research…. This fund is specifically for artistic creation and cultural activities. Humanitarian aid or school/university projects are not eligible to this fund.
  • The project presented must explain how it will develop in the long term and contribute to local cultural development. Sustaining a project implies any action that will allow the organisation or the action to last. For example this could be by providing a salary to an administrator, buying equipment, renovating a space, undertaking training, building networks…). Support to artistic production can be provided if the production itself can prove its “sustaining” effects. The aim of this fund is to stabilise projects in their local environment, allowing them to establish recognition and develop their networking capacities. 
  • The call aims to offer funds to applicants that have difficulty finding the funding needed for their sustainable development. Proof of co-funding is recommended but not compulsory.
  • Special attention will be given to projects that transfer values such as respect for the diversity of cultural expressions, freedom of artistic expression, fair exchange and solidarity. Moreover, applicants must agree with the ethical charter of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.
  • This Fund will be particularly attentive to projects in rural or suburban areas.
  •  Eligible costs can be human resource costs, costs for renovation or equipment, networking costs, training costs. All expenditure must be clearly and chronologically defined in the application. If your application concerns renovation or equipment costs a pro forma invoice will be requested with the application. The financial statement of your organisation is a supporting document of the application.

3. Conditions for the provision of funds

  • An agreement between the project leader and the Roberto Cimetta Fund will be drawn up if the project is selected. This agreement will clearly stipulate the aims of the project, the actions that will take place, the conditions of transfer of funds, the role of the Roberto Cimetta Fund and the monitoring process of the project. 
  • A report will be required to obtain the final payment. It will be composed of a written activity report, a detailed expenditure report, proof of communication of the support of RCF and all other proof that the project has taken place (photographs, report from the various actors involved, etc.).
  • If the project concerns hosting the project leaders/beneficiaries abroad, or the hosting of foreign artists, it is important that the length of stay be sufficient in order for travellers to understand the local cultural context. This measure favours a proper understanding of the cultural and artistic challenges in a given local context and stresses the need to allow time to build trust between actors for the sustainability of any artistic and cultural exchange. 
  • Funding is directly transferred to the account of the project leader (organisation or individual) in the following way: 30% following the signing of the agreement and the reception of the first documents proving expenditure, 50% after the intermediary report, 20% after the submission of the final report and accompanying proof of expenditure.

To make an online request for the application click here or visit the RCF website at this address: 

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