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“My Sweet School“ documentary, screened in iReMMO, Paris

“My Sweet School“, the 52’ documentary directed by Rajae Hammadi and Zakaria Rochdi and produced by Racines has been screened in Paris on June 22nd 2018 in iReMMO (Institute of Research and Studies in the Mediterranean and the Middle-East) on the topic “how to build a worthy school?” in the presence of Dounia Benslimane, head of development and partnerships at Racines.
The documentary recounts the origins and implementation of the project “SpeakArt - Promoting freedom of expression and culture of accountability“.

The event was held in 2 phases:

1/ Screening of the documentary “My Sweet School” and debate with the audience

2/ Debate between Dounia Benslimane and Abdellatif Imad, professor at Lille university

Initiated by Racines, with the support of the British Embassy in Rabat, the SpeakArt project aims at raising citizens’ awareness on their rights and on political accountability through the production of a forum theater play about education and training workshops on citizenship and forum theater technics. The SpeakArt caravan stopped in 12 cities to give a performance of the theater play “My Sweet School” and to train and inform the local youth on citizenship topics.

More information: Facebook page / Trailer of the documentary

13/07/2018 - 15:12