Association Racines

The sixth edition of "Mercredi de Racines" is over!

From February 24th to June 30th 2018, Racines and its partners organised, within the framework of the 6th edition of “Mercredis de Racines”, the “Etats Régionaux de la Culture” in 12 regions in Morocco. The tour covers the 12 regions of Morocco in order to analyse and evaluate cultural policy in the regions that are implemented by communes and regional councils.

The Mercredis de Racines caravane passed by Beni Mellal (24/02), Rabat (03/03), Tangier (10/03), Azrou (31/03), Laayoune (07/04), Tiznit (21/04), Tinghir (05/05), Oujda (19/05), Guelmim (02/06), Safi (23/06) et Casablanca (30/06).

The “Etats Régionaux de la Culture” are part of the regionalization process, and aim to diagnose the cultural sector, do the inventory of artistic structures and cultural policy in the regions, in order to suggest efficient recommendations for the implementation of a cultural policy that is adapted to each region and one that goes along with the objectives of advanced regionalization and the prerogatives of regional councils.

The recommandations gathered in each of the 12 regions of Morocco, will be officially presented during the Etats généraux de la culture which will take place from 5 to 10 November 2018 in Tiznit.

The sixth edition of “Mercredis de Racines” is co-organized with our partner associations in the regions: Orchid(Beni Mellal), Centre Culturel Africain (Rabat), Atelier Kissaria (Tangier), Tazghart (Azrou), WenniBik (Laayoune / Dakhla), Tamaynut (Tinghir / Guelmim), Association Tiznit des Cultures Urbaines (Tiznit), Achbal Maroc Culturelles et artistiques (Oujda) et One Dream (Safi).

With the support of the Norwegian Royal Embassy in Morocco and Open Society Foundations