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Racines Carrées : launch of the incubation phase

Initiated by Racines with the support of the Drosos foundation, the incubator of cultural and artistic structures “Racines Carrées” launches the incubation phase of the project holders after a pre-test period of 3 months.

After a presentation in front of an international jury, constituted of Mrs. Claudine Dussiolier (cultural engineer / cooperation), Mrs. Ginni Wiik (the Royal Norweigian Embassy in Morocco) and Mr. Ferdinand Richard (Roberto Cimetta Fund), 12 projects were selected for the incubation phase that will last 9 months, thus allowing them to benefit from collective trainings, a co-working space, immersion internships in Morocco and abroad, popular education activities and a festival market that will take place by the end of the incubation phase and will allow them to present their projects to the public at large and cultural professionals (producers, festival directors, production companies, investors, sponsors, etc.).

The selected projects are :
-Routine / Said Mouhssine and Laure Ceccaldi (Circus)
-Salone / Mourad Koula and Laure Ceccaldi  (Circus)
-A Propos de la passion / Ismail El Fallahi and Abdehakim Aabbour (theater)
-Théâtre de l'opprimé / Hicham Belaoudi and Claude Pichot (theater)
-Htit Nass / Youssef Zaoui and Mouad Meziaty (audio montage)
-Madness / Mohamed Rahmo and Achraf Younssi (VR performance)
-Qiraa Remix / Mohamed Amine El Bellaoui - AKA Rebel Spirit (illustration)
-Teckchbila / Fayçal Lahrouchi and Mohamed Biyjeddiguene (music)
-Rythm'na / Youssef Anagam and Mohamed Ouziz (music)
-Chateau Zouine / Abdeslem Azdem and Azzedine Bourga (plastic arts)
-Vivants / Aïcha El Beloui (illustration)
-Organic Knowledge / Reuben Odoi and Maud Houssais (music/storytelling)

For more information : Racines Carrées’ facebook page

23/05/2018 - 18:20