Association Racines

Hakwara, for the promotion of the culture of freedom of expression

Within the framework of the project “SpeakArt, for the promotion of freedom of expression and the culture of accountability”, Racines organized the event “Hakwara, for the promotion of the culture of freedom of expression”, from March 22nd to 25th 2018, at Cinéma Rialto (Casablanca). The goal of this event was to open a public debate and to speak freely about freedom of expression as a defining element of the citizen, of society and democracy in Morocco.
The program of Hakwara contained theater (Dialy - Théâtre de l’Aquarium / improvisation theater with S’toon Zoo), the screening of the documentary “My sweet school”, a debate on freedom of artistic expression in Morocco with Naima Zitan, Hicham Lasri, Mohamed El Bas, Younes Taleb (Aka. Lmoutchou) and Mohamed Rachdi, a debate on freedom of expression between universality and “islamic” particularity with Abdelwahab Rafiki (Abou Hafs) and the islamic preacher Abdessamad Merdass. Moreover, an adaptation of the forum theater play “My sweet school” was played by the kids of Hay Mohammadi at the Fabrique Culturelle des anciens abattoirs in Casablanca. The play was directed by Mohamed El Hassouni (Théâtre Nomade). The project SpeakArt benefited from the support of the British Embassy in Rabat.

23/05/2018 - 16:15