Association Racines

The actions of Racines


Racines advocates on the national, regional and international levels for :

  • The promotion of access to culture for all as a universal human right.
  • The promotion of culture as a vector of democracy and human, social and economic development.
  • Advocacy for the implementation of cultural policy in Morocco
  • Advocacy for an efficient cultural economy and creative industries for artists and professionals.
  • Advocacy for the status of the artist, for their rights and for freedom of expression and creation.


Racines aims to accompany public, private or academic cultural actors and professionals’ initiatives, in Morocco and abroad, in order to:

  • Build and develop efficient advocacy networks for the creative and cultural sector. 
  • Collect, update and diffuse information, data and useful documents for decision-makers, cultural organisations and professionals in Morocco and Africa.
  • Raise and organise debates on arts, culture, creative industries in Morocco and Africa in order to build and develop moroccan and african leaderships on these matters. 
  • Help implement national, regional and international distribution channels (festivals, meeting, etc.), in order to diffuse the moroccan and african cultural goods and services, thus allowing artists to diffuse their creations.
  • Contribute to the training and development of human resources in cultural professions in Morocco and Africa.
  • Mobilize moroccan, african and international resources in order to support the development, the promotion and the diffusion of the moroccan and african creative goods and services.
  • Enhance the work and life conditions of artists and cultural professionals, and defend their rights in Morocco and Africa.
  • Contribute to the outreach of arts for moroccan and african publics.
  • Participate to meetings, conferences, debates and forums on topics related to culture and development in Morocco and internationally.