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SpeakArt tour is over !

The national tour of SpeakArt ended on the 5th of November. The theatre forum play « My sweet school » was performed in the public space in Oujda, Azrou, Tangiers, Rabat, Tinghir, Afourar, Safi, Casablanca, Guelmim, Akka, Tiznit and Biougra, at the end of a day of workshops with the youngsters, on citizenship and the introduction to the forum theatre skills and theatrical expression.

SpeakArt by numbers: 12 cities and towns, 5 064 kilometers on the road, 12 performances, 275 participants to the training workshops and more than 5 500 spectators!

Racines is keen to thank all those who contributed to the success of SpeakArt: the participants to the workshops and the audience, for their attendance, their involvement and their relevant inputs during the forum, and for the emotions and laughter we shared together.

Thank you to the British Embassy in Rabat for their support to the project and to our regional partners, who made it happen: AMCA (Oujda), Tazghart (Azrou), Tabadoul (Tangiers), Théâtre de l’Aquarium (Rabat), Tamaynut (Tinghir), Tada ! (Afourar), One Dream (Safi), Tamaynut (Guelmim), Association Targant pour la solidarité et le développement (Akka), ATCU (Tiznit), Timatarin (Biougra), and to Théâtre Nomade for their welcoming at la Fabrique culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca, during the artistic residence and the rehearsals.

A big thanks to the project team for their commitment and participation: the workshop trainer, Mohammed Sammouni; the comedians, Hicham Belaoudi, Maha El Boukhari, Ismail El Fallahi, Sarah El Moukafih, Ibtissam Kamal and Fatima-Zohra Lahouitar ; the artistic director, Claude Pichot,; the technicians, Zouhair Souid, Othmane Mfadel and Ayoub Hamim; and the music bands that accompanied the play in each city: Cheikh Allale (Oujda), Igheboula Atlas (Azrou), Chourouk (Tangiers), Overboys (Rabat), Groupe Moulay Youssef pour l'art de la flûte traditionnelle (Tinghir), Nagmouâte Assalam (Afourar), Tzafinoo (Safi), (Casablanca), (Guelmim), (Akka), Ahwach Najem (Tiznit), (Biougra).

Thank you to the local authorities that facilitated the access to the public space and to the socio-cultural centres.

« SpeakArt – Promoting freedom of expression and culture of accountability » was initiated by Racines, with the aim to raise awareness of the citizens to their fundametnal rights and to the importance of accountability. 

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